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Hygen Agro, A11, Yadav Nagar, Near 199 Bus Stop, Samaypur Badli, Delhi - 110042, India
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Hygen Agro, Hygen Building Gupta Street Jaitu, Distt Faridkot Punjab - 151202, India
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Our Juice

What you sow is what
you juice.

Our juices are carefully crafted to retain the essentials that hydrate the nutritional quotient
that we need. The only adulterant we add is our best intentions. Therefore, what you get
out of every sip is a pure, uncorrupted & wholesome experience.

Wine pairing is passe.

The space of imagination inspired us to create a flavor palette, where we took the liberty of
experimenting with the food-juice pairing. In this uncharted territory, we followed our
intuition and paid heed to our taste buds, creating some delightful food-juice pairings that
either balance or contrast the flavor of each other. For example, the cool and crisp flavor profile of our apple
juice desires to be paired with something leafy and sweet light dishes.
However, why should only we have the fun of experimenting? Go ahead, trust your senses
and indulge in the art of pairing with our Hydrentials.

Chug for health

Whoever spread the rumor that taste and health are not remotely related, hasn’t heard about our
juices. Every sip is a powerhouse of nutrients and a dream to your taste buds. (NUTRIENT CHART)
We’ve broadly classified our juices to have one or multiple essential nutrients
to give you that much needed boost of health and immunity that you might
miss out on otherwise

The good old Vitamin C

Other than a healthy immune system, it aids the absorption of iron in the body

The macho Vitamin D

For growing bones and healthy teeth of your child as well as for you to absorb calcium for your bone health

The magic of Vitamin E

Our body tissues and cells are high maintenance but easily pleased with the benefits of Vitamin E

Potassium - the balancer

Potassium has one of the most important responsibilities- maintain the balance of body fluids.

The mother of all
nutrients - Folic acid

Promotes cell and tissue growth and helps in avoiding birth defects specially pertaining to the spine.

The energetic Riboflavin

We all know that the food that you eat gets converted into energy. What we don’t know is that
Roiboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2 aids the process.